A robust versatile system ready for anything and everything. The Tetra Drones SAR Spec is an all weather capable platform that has the capability to integrate a vast array of specialist sensors and equipment.


Able to operate in the most adverse weather; heavy rain and gusting 40mph winds.


Tripple GPS units, compasses & IMU's + Dual batteries.


Equipped with radiometric FLIR thermal imaging to locate heat signatures.


8x motor/propeller combinations provide motor redundancy & stability.


30x optical zoom for scanning large areas.


Remote weatherproof drop system useful for delivering supplies and aid.

The 'SAR' Spec by Tetra Drones was developed to be the most robust UAV system available - we believe we have created the 'Land Rover' of the UAV world. The SAR spec designed for Search & Rescue operations, can operate in the harshest environments including heavy rain and wind gusting over 40mph! Assembled around the most advanced flight control system's providing triple redundant IMU's, compasses and GPS units along with the coaxial X8 motor configuration and dual intelligent flight batteries ensure maximum reliability.


30x optics, FLIR thermal imaging and payload release make the SAR spec ready to perform.


The SAR Spec is a highly versatile platform able to carry and integrate a vast range of specialist payloads - talk to a member of the team today to discuss your requirements!

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