Able to operate in adverse weather including winds up to 30mph and strong rain.


Tripple redundant heated IMU's, dual compass module and dual batteries ensure reliability.


Large propellers and low RPM motors create a very efficient powertrain to achieve up to 35minutes flight time.


A moulded carbon fibre construction provides an operational weight of just 5.5kg.


A perfect fir the FLIR Duo Pro R, providing a small lightweight dual payload system.


Folding arms and propellers make transporting the SAR lite a breeze!

The 'SAR' Lite; a compact lightweight version of its bigger brother (the SAR Spec), designed to carry smaller payloads (Up to 3kg) with an increased flight time up to 35minutes. The IP rated enclosure protects the SAR Lite from moderate rainfall and winds up to 30mph.


Combined with the FLIR Duo Pro R or XT2 payload the SAR Lite provides a convenient, versatile UAV solution for use in most weather conditions. Dual batteries provide extended flight time and redundancy while also coupled with redundant, temperature controlled and vibration isolated avionics ensure maximum reliability and performance.

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