Tetra Drones SAR Spec Delivery Drone.JPG

Adverse weather tolerant, designed and built to endure. An extremely versatile and adaptable system, developed in conjunction with Coniston MRT.

A stripped back version of its bigger brother while retaining its weatherproofing the SAR Lite is a more compact, lightweight platform with increased efficiency.

TD7 Waterproof Waterlanding Drone.jpg

Capable of landing on the waters surface while housing payloads inside the waterproof enclosure. A clear perspex dome provides a viewpoint for internal cameras and payloads.

Developed for Tritex NDT the Multigauge 6500 was designed around the Tritex sensor used for measuring the thickness of steel structures using an ultrasound sensor probe.

NDT Drone Tritex Multigauge 6500.jpg
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Tetra Drones are leading developers of bespoke UAV systems, designed and engineered in the UK to suit your project requirements. Our in-house production facilities allow us to manufacture solutions for the most demanding applications and achieve your vision.


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