Reduce take-off/landing area, reduce damage and mitigate risk with vertical autonomous take-off and landings.


Redundant electronics, heated IMU's and dual forward flight motors provide redundancy.


Efficiency far superior to multi-rotor platfroms for extended flight times.


Remouvable wings and quick release payload bay allow for easy transportation.


Reduce mapping times with a fixed wing aircraft capable of covering more area per charge at 6x the speed!


RTK capability for cm survey precision. Optional 1-Axis downward mapping gimbal for reduced distortion.

Fixed wing UAVs are prone to being damaged during landings due to the lack of protection

and uncertainty. 


Our VTOL mapping solution provides operators with all the advantages of fixed wing aircraft including; increased range, efficiency, flight duration and speed while not being

limited to unpredictable landings. Instead our specially developed VTOL can take-off and land autonomously within an area of just meters preventing uncertainty and potential

damage. The MAP/AG is able to carry a range of payloads including; LiDAR, RGB, thermal and multispectral cameras making it suitable for a wide range of applications from surveillance to aerial mapping.

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